FNDR is live in Arendal

Explore the local shops in Arendal from the comfort of your own home

FNDR is a click & collect solution for shops in Arendal´s city centre. App users within a 15 kilometre radius can shop in their local town - from home. Products are collected at app users’ leisure.

Arendal wants thriving highstreets - and shows it by embracing the FNDR app!

FNDR stickers are on almost every shop door in town, alerting local town dwellers to the benefits of buying what they need in their home town.

Many people wish to shop locally - FNDR makes it easy for them.

We don’t understand how someone might not want to try this. The highstreet needs to digitalise, and FNDR is super-easy!
Cathrine & Camilla Larsen, La Vita e Bella
When people pay for our products in the FNDR app, they no longer need to queue at the payment terminal. This saves time, which everyone appreciates. We get good feedback from FNDR customers and really like the ease of it all.
Mia Nilsen, Cafe Victor
With FNDR we can reach out to even more potential customers, and in my experience, customers like their user experiences with this app. It´s also very easy for us to administrate our products and payments. We are highly satisfied with FNDR!
Thomas Knutsen, Kompanii
FNDR is a great platform that can show the breadth of offerings in our town. We like the fact that customers come into town to collect products that they have bought at home.
Line Einersen, Einersen Gull
FNDR was so much easier to use than expected, and we appreciate this way of reaching local customers. We do want people coming into town!
Morten Heimdal, Heimdal Chokolade