FNDR is live in Oslo

Explore the local shops in Oslo from the comfort of your own home

FNDR is a click & collect solution for shops in Oslo´s city centre. App users within a 15 kilometre radius can shop in their local town - from home. Products are collected at app users’ leisure.

Oslo has many hidden treasures - FNDR lets you discover them!

Why not explore Oslo through the  FNDR app?

Many people wish to shop locally. We make it easy for them.

We are very pleased with the way FNDR sends us customers and revenue. The app makes it easy to both order and pay for flowers. We can safely recommend FNDR to everyone in the flower trade.
Ørnulf Løssfelt, Blomstersentret i Homansbyen
FNDR is a brilliant solution for smaller cafes/bars. Once our regular customers adopt this tool to the max, I expect FNDR to be one of the most powerful customer service tools that a small bar like ours could wish for.
Leif W. Erichsen, Krohgs Kaffebar
Klikk HER for å komme til hjemmesiden
Pieces Uniques has sold jewellery for over 50.000 Kroner though the FNDR app, and we have had at least kr 20.000 Kroner in additional sales, through other channels, thanks to FNDR - that we know about. There is probably more.
Sandrine Munoz, Pièces Uniques
FNDR has really poured its heart into its fight for highstreet shops. We really appreciate them and having them on our side. It’s very convenient that money goes straight into our account from people’s phones.
Elisabeth Due, Sugar Shop Smykkestudio
FNDR is a great platform with which to reach out to people, especially for smaller retailers who don’t have huge advertising budgets. And it´s great for app users, too. They can find the products and services they want - right where they are. Why buy stuff from the other side of the planet, when so much of what you want is right under your nose?
Nina & Erik Sindsen, Lawrence & Mayo