When local retailers stand together
as one
, local shopping is easy

Coming to the UK in 2021

No start-up fee

No fixed

No fixed costs

No cure no pay

24 hour notice period

Hundreds of shops in numerous cities have now chosen to join FNDR

And why not? There are no start-up costs, no fixed costs, a no cure no pay set-up and a 24 hour notice period.

Why not try it?

Layout tip

Change the layout direction of a flexbox element from horizontal to vertical.

Flexbox is a display setting found in the styles tab under Layout > Display Settings

Step 1

Click to select Column 1 which is the white box that this paragraph you're reading is currently inside of. 

Step 2

Now that Column 1 is selected, press the up arrow on your keyboard, selecting the parent element: Column Wrap 1

Step 3

With Column Wrap 1 selected, click the icon shown above in the Layout > Flex Layout styles panel.

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Her er hovedpunktene i brukervilkårene våre.
Fullstendige brukervilkår kan lastes ned her

Laura Ashley  •  Fred Perry  •  Kate Spade  •  Marc Jacobs  •  Houdini…

...more and more shops join us every day

These are the key points in our terms & conditions for participating shops
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