Why does FNDR exist?

Globalisation and the runaway growth of internet giants have made the competition anything but fair for smaller players. What happens with our urban space as a result of this is increasingly visible to all. The FNDR team wish to reverse this process. And we do so not by appealing to people’s social conscience, but by being able to offer a competitive level of convenience. Why not shop locally – if it’s actually easier?

We make it easier for people to shop locally

It’s not a magic trick. We just make people aware of all the treasures that are avilable right under their noses – while they’re still there! And we offer terms to retailers that have no downsides. FNDR is easy to use, transparent and risk-free to implement. No cure no pay means that retailers can’t lose.

Local retailers who can only dream about the marketing resources of the internet giants can now compete on their own terms. And people who wish to support them now have an easy way of doing so.

FNDR skaper fremtidens handleopplevelser!
Skape ny vekst i lokal handel ved å forbedre
folks handleopplevelse
Å bli folks foretrukne handleverktøy
Butikker: Vi gjør butikken din tilgjengelig for flere!
Forbrukere: Det du vil ha, der du befinner deg!
Ansatte: En bevegelse som skal redde lokal handel i hele verden
Investorer: Skalerbarhet til alle verdens kriker og kroker
Samfunnet: Nytt liv til byer, torg og handlegater
Our promises
We shall not make money off people’s annoyance
App users only receive information they’ve actually asked for
We shall not contribute to the world’s noise
App users will not receive any unsolicited ads
We shall not peddle user data
All FNDR users are anonymous
Shops will no longer have to send information out blindly
If a FNDR user hears about something, it’s because they want to
Dette er FNDR-teamet
Ina von Turow
CEO, Founder
Vegard Hammerseth
Anders Schnell
Frederick Fladmark
Rebecca Bakken
Digital Markedsfører
Andreas Sevland
Vebjørn Søndersrød
Alexander Schussel
Marius Thorsen
Our Board

From left to right: Kjetil Tveter - Co-founder of Elixia (Norway’s biggest fitness chain), Founder and Owner of XPLORA
(smartwatch for kids) and United Influencers (Norway’s most prestigious influencer agency), Owner of Norway’s
Elle magazine, Gaute Engbakk - Board Member of Isco Group, Chairman of the Board at Stir Animation and
Cordel Software, Ina von Turow - FNDR’s Founder and CEO, Steinar Svalesen - Director at Beringer Finance,
Lars Ove Løseth - Director of LL Drift (one of Norway’s largest shopping mall companies)

Ønsker du å bli med i FNDR-teamet?

Takk for din henvendelse! Hvis vi har ledige stillinger innen ditt interesseområde, så tar vi kontakt snarest.
Obs! Noe gikk galt. Vennligst forsøk igjen.

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